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Jovin & Samantha: Pokemon / JAM

Hello hello to the dedicated Spellbound readers!

We hope your day has been going well so far.

This wedding is with our dear Jovin and Sam, one of our favourite couples. (;

Heres a fun fact about the two of them – They love Pokemon!

Also, their "couple name" is JAM, and they were looking for us to help them with incorporating the 2 together for their special day.

We decided to have the Pokemon theme for their ROM decor to keep it fun.

There were a mini easter egg for guests to spot when they arrive.

Can you guess what their arch represents? (:

Its a giant Pokeball!

Jovin even had a Pokeball ringbox specially made!

For the ROM, we decided to keep the colours to red and white with a touch of pink and gold to keep in theme with the Pokeball!

And what Pokemon themed wedding would be complete without ACTUAL pikachu onesies?!

How cute was that? (:

Now moving on to the cocktail reception decor!

Sam and Jovin wanted to also show their guests that they travelled to different countries throughout their time together through something intimate.

We customised a JAM journey map for them, completed with photos and balloons and a 6ft map! (:

Next.. to the ballroom decor!

Jovin and Sam wanted something a little more elegant for the ballroom.

She loves lights and the colour lavender. Hence, we incorporated those 2 things!

We gave her a fairylight aisle and dancefloor with a sticker of their monogram so that they can be in the light during their first dance.

The aisle and stage was adorned with pampas grass and pinky lavender florals as well.

And thats that!

We hope you loved the wedding as much as we did!

It was honestly one of the cutest and sweetest weddings we've been a part of.

Spells Away!

The Spellbound Team

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