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Nethan & Lina: Fire, Water, Ice and Sky

A good day to all Spellbound readers!

Now this is a wedding that has lots of excitement and fun!

Nethan and Lina wanted something different and entertaining.

So we came up with the idea of using the 4 elements as a theme.

The couple then went to Morocco (fire), Copenhagen (water), Bhutan (sky), and Greenland (ice) for their pre-wedding photos. Hence, we thought it was a good idea to incorporate the places they went as a base for their elements theme!

The wedding dinner was held in Shangri-La's Island Ballroom, and the cocktail reception area was transformed into different photo booths of the countries Nethan and Lina visited, so their guests could have a glimpse of their journey.

The first thing guests will see when they enter is the Morocco (fire) photo booth.

Then, guests will enter into the reception area and be greeted by a

winter flowery themed reception table.

We gave the normal reception table a makeover!

After signing in, guests can choose to head on to the other 3 photo booths for photos.

Greenland (ice),

Copenhagen (water),

We even had mermaids over as Lina really loves them!

And lastly, Bhutan (sky).

Moving on to their ballroom dinner decor, this is where it gets exciting.

Guests will walk in to the ballroom thru a "gateway" with fairy lights and florals.

The ballroom was covered so that we could project images and videos of Nethan and Lina's journey!

As the stage was meant to be Bhutan (sky), we decorated the stage to look like a "heavenly" place in the sky! We hung birds and fringes along with having pampas grass floral arrangements to give that airy dreamy feeling!

The dining table flowers were also big and fluffy to complement the stage!

After everyone has been seated, Nethan and Lina began their first march in!

Lina's adorable nieces first marched in with sparklers along with Lina as Morocco & Fire on an LED aisle decorated with red roses to emphasise the heat of Morocco.

Next, for Nethans entrance, he was introduced as Greenland & Ice.

Ballerinas welcomed him out along another LED aisle with white flowers to represent snow and the cold.

And what does Fire and Ice do when they meet?

They become water!

The couple had to have a quick change of clothing before marching out together as Copenhagen & Water.

Lastly, the couple did a final change and appeared once again as Bhutan & Sky!

We hope you found our 4 elements wedding as entertaining as we did!

It was a fun experience and we love that Nethan and Lina had us to make their special wedding theme come true!

See you again soon!

Spells away!

The Spellbound Team.

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