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Melvin & May: Enchanted Forest (Part 2)

Hello again Spellbound readers!

We hope you are having a great day.

Now, moving on to Melvin and May's dinner reception.

It's a contrast to their ROM, as the dinner decor was darker and more alluring.

Once you enter the ballroom, you will be greeted with a lush and flowery arch,

with an elevated platform that leads to the stage.

As you move on the elevated platform, you will realise that it is actually an aisle.

A fairy lights aisle that is surrounded by light sticks, dark pink blooms and lots of greenery.

The reason why we wanted to have an elevated aisle is so that all the guests will be able to watch the couple walk down the aisle clearly!

The aisle then leads to the bridal table, where we decided to do something fun and crazy,

to put a working fountain in the middle!

Besides a beautiful fountain in the middle, the bridal table

also had customised place cards in the form of a mirror.

Who said place cards had to be on paper? (:

Now we are finally here at the stage!

The stage is decorated with, again, flowers and greens to create the look of an

enchanted forest but still keeping a touch of the original darkness

from their first idea.

We wanted to make the stage look like an entrance to the enchanted forest.

The white gate and the monogram cut out was fully curated by us. (:

Here are some of our favourite shots of the couple!

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our journey to help Melvin & May create their enchanted forest wedding!

Spells away!

The Spellbound Team

Spells away!

The Spellbound Team

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