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Melvin & May: Enchanted Forest (Part 1)

Good morning to the readers of Spellbound!

On the 2 days of the 12th & 13th of January, we devoted our time to Melvin and May's wedding that took place in the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore.

The theme that they chose was, at first, a dark enchanted forest. However throughout the months to the day of the wedding, the theme evolved to a more ethereal enchanted forest-y look. Which we were also very excited about. (:

Keeping in mind that Melvin loved lushness and greenery, while May loved big bloom flowers, we found the perfect in-between to make a perfect wedding!

This is their ROM decor. (12th January)

The colour palette was very ethereal and soft, with colours of pink, lilac and orange.

We customised a gold cut out of their names for more of a personalised feel. It makes a huge difference!

Melvin and May wanted to read their vows to each other,

so we printed their vows onto a customised acrylic plate.

This also makes a great momento and a reminder of your love!

They also had their niece and nephew walk down the aisle with this board. How adorable is this!

Stay tuned for part 2 of Melvin & May's wedding!

Spellbound Team

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