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CL & Glory: An Unusual Medieval Experience

Happy Saturday to each & every one of Spellbound lovers!

Another day we would like to keep in mind:

15 September 2018 -- our team had dedicated ourselves to create a beautiful but unusually dark and gothic lunch reception for CL & Glory.

We still remember when we first met CL & Glory (last October), Glory had surprised us with a rather unconventional request for their wedding decor. Unlike any other bride who would like to have pink and bright wedding decor, Glory on the other end of spectrum would love to have a dark medieval theme for their lunch banquet decor.

"Keep it as dark as possible", Glory requested.

And as Spellbound's motto is "Anything but Ordinary", we went ahead with gusto!

Here, we would like to present our Medieval Gothic Wedding Work for our dearest CL and Glory!

Ring holder & bridal bouquet

We created a little garden in a hexagon container for CL & Glory's wedding bands.

Unable to contain her love for cotton flowers, Glory was also excited for her cotton flowers bridal bouquet!

The cotton flowers were mainly paired with maroon Eustomas, Wax Flowers, Ernygium, Earl Grey Roses and assorted preserved flowers -- with these, the bridal bouquet was born.

Ring holder with rings

"My love come and partake of my garden

My heart is in full bloom with love for you

Shower me with kisses like morning dew

This love I have will not fade nor harden




Darling you're the gardener of my dreams

You tend to each flower with so much love

You are a precious gift from up above

We're the perfect match and make a good team"

-- Alexis Y.

With a little love and blessing as we put this box together, we hope that this box translates the sentiments and stories behind this poem.

Solemnisation table centrepiece

A rustic bohemian matching table centrepieces of free-flowing fresh and preserved floral.

Brendan & Anna in action!

- a sneak peak of Spellbound team behind the scene -

Better together

When soulmates found each other, it's always "better together".

Welcome signage

Going dark and medieval for a lunch reception was a challenge for our team. In "honouring" the words of Glory, the team decided to go as dark as we could by utilising dark colour palettes of navy blue, burgundy and black with a touch of gold.

Starting with the entrance, we have a dark welcome signage with lush foliage and dark red roses with assorted block candles to set the first impression of the lunch reception.

Reception decor

Unlike the usual reception table, there is no guestbook. Instead, the guests were welcomed with an overflowing exotic flowers, candles as well as angpow box.

Can you spot the angpow box in the above picture?

Reception table decor

The team always believe that the little differences and details are what set us apart from others.

In action - Topaz Room

- another sneak peek of Spellbound team in action -

CL & Story Stage

With the dark decors and settings within the ballroom; after much discussion, we all agreed that a neon light of their name would be a perfect touch for the burst of lights as a focal point for the stage decor.

Flower arrangements on the stage

- we love how the stage looks from this angle -

Wedding cake

The hotel were not able to provide a wedding cake with Glory's preferred colours, hence Brendan set his "magic fingers" to work, and pulled out this matching cake for the theme - all within a week before the Big Day.

Table arrangement

When we say a little detail makes a difference, we meant it. We ditched the conventional menu from the hotel, and customised this menu cards and petal cones (it's filled with Gold Petals, btw!) for all the tables.

Better together at VIP table

The team went searching high and low for a medieval candelabra that Glory yearned to have for her Bridal table.

At the least expected place, we managed to find this candelabra among the stacks.

The Spellbound team would like to extend our cheers to love, laughter and a happily ever after for CL & Glory on this momentous day!


Wedding Stylist: Spellbound Weddings

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