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Wedding of Darren and Belinda: A Blush Affair

Spellbound has recently been blessed to be the wedding planner for the loveliest and sweetest couple - Darren and Belinda! They are the true testament to the phrase 'opposite attracts' - while Darren the groom is all 'chilled' and relaxed, the bride Belinda never fails to keep an eye on the tasks and timeline that Spellbound sets on their wedding planning journey. Nonetheless, it is so magical to witness how these two of such different personalities become one and we are ever thankful to be able to be part of this important day of theirs.

The day started with the gatecrashing games where Team Bride thought of very tactful games but the witty Team Groom proved that nothing is too difficult for them!

Finding a suitable location to fit in this whole fleet of cars was definitely not easy! But it turned out really well, kudos to KC for the suggestion!

Their choice of venue to hold the dinner reception was also a very unique one. Instead of the usual ballroom, they opted for a venue surrounded by fishes and water. Yup that's right - its the S.E.A Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa (no prizes for getting it right though!).

Having done a setup at the same venue just a few months back, we knew that the set up would not be an easy feat due to the tight turnover time (of just 1 hour!). Hence, the decor which we proposed have to be feasible to execute within this short frame of time but yet remain romantic and warmth which was the brief given to us.

For those who have been to the Aquarium, you would have seen that there are actually many railings, but this was something that Darren and Belinda do not want to see at their wedding as they gave a very 'harsh' and 'cold' look. From this, we came up with the idea of covering them with drapes! And since Belinda likes blush pink, we decided to use blush pink drapes and it was the main color used for the wedding.

To give a more textured and volumed look to the drapes, we used 2 different types of drapes of different materials. Additionally, strings of warm fairy lights were also placed to brighten up the Aquarium.

The entrance into the main dining area of the Aquarium was not neglected. It was dressed up with a 'tunnel' of crystals and flowers just to soften the overall look.

Acrylic stands was used for the pedestals on the stage as Darren and Belinda did not want to block guest's view of the Aquarium. How thoughtful of them!

With emcee Ben Yeo who is a dear friend of Darren and is also known for being humorous, the dinner was very light-hearted and heartwarming. Darren was even called on stage to play a game which Ben had thoughtfully planned out. The guests definitely had a great time!

Here's wishing Darren and Belinda a lifetime of happiness and love!


Wedding Planner and Stylist: Spellbound Weddings

Photographer: KC Wong of Feelm Weddings

Videographer: Why Keen of Red String Co

Makeup: Jyue Huey of The Makeup Room

Venue: S.E.A Aquarium

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