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Wedding of Steve & Theng Theng

Held among the lush array of flowers, Steve and Theng Theng had their holy matrimony and wedding reception at Burkill Hill, a perennial favourite with wedding couples in Singapore.

When we first met Steve and Theng Theng, our first impression was that they were both really easy going! We didn’t hear from them, until one day Theng Theng called and said: "hey, we have decided on the date and you’re our planner!"

From deciding on gowns to the photographer, they were the nicest couple to work with. They were spot on in every vendor they chose. Theng Theng’s and Steve’s charisma rubbed off everyone - all the vendors were so dedicated into providing the best for them! As we always say, when you trust the vendor, the vendor will go all out for you.

The morning started off with the Fetching of Bride and Traditional tea ceremony.

More often than not, the groom is usually over shadowed by the bride in her the bridal gown, but in this instance, we must say, the groom held his ground in his spiffy suit. We love the colour, as well as the tailoring!

Spellbound loves fresh flowers and we generously adorned the dining area with lush giant blooms of Hydrangeas, Lisianthus, Matthiolas and the heavily scented Eucalyptus. Gold gilded Tiffany chairs and small pops of blues and purples from the parasols and pomanders completed the aesthetic.

To add an element of surprise, a caricature of every guest were drawn by a caricature artist and printed as seating place cards. It was such an instant hit with the guests who were all surprised at the efforts of Steve and Theng Theng to make the wedding that more personalised.

It was an intimate wedding that was so fun, so spontaneous and yet so heartfelt. Everyone who attended truly love Steve and Theng Theng tremendously. From the tearful and memorable speeches to the serious dancing enjoyed by EVERYONE after dinner, this wedding had that special magical essence that celebrated love, family and friendship.


Venue: Burkill Hall, Botanical Gardens

Photographer: Feldbery Photographs (

Wedding Planning & Decor: Spellbound Group (

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