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Go Behind-the-scenes with Spellbound

One of the frequently asked questions we get often at Spellbound is this: What happens behind the scenes during a wedding? And that’s exactly what we would like to share with all readers out there today! For today’s post, we will focus on our wedding décor aesthetic.

At Spellbound, we pride ourselves on always being creative, forward thinking and service orientated. This is why we focus on doing special project. Spellbound’s Creative Director, Anna encourages her team to read magazines such as Wallpaper so that we get our inspiration from architectural structures. Window displays and trade shows are our other sources of inspiration. We certainly love the challenges of taking in an idea and giving it a new and unique twist!

True to our motto “Anything but Extraordinary”, it is innate that we go the extra miles to present you nothing but the very best so that your wedding becomes the source of inspiration for other couples!

Behind the scenes, we often go through revisions to ensure that the décor

1) Fits right within your spending means

2) Is in line with the environment/ballroom

3) Is one that has depth and meaning to you

Step 1: Moodboarding

Before we start on a project, we often request from our clients for their likes and dislikes to understand their needs and wants. These moodboard can consist of photo-grabs from Instagram, Pinterest or even real life snaps. Because we have 15 years of experience, we are able to grasp the visual in entirety. Factors such as size and relativity are one of our top concerns.

For example, a close-up shot of a, say floral centerpiece may look full but when placed in the ballroom setting, the overall set-up may look miniscule.

A moodboard from ex-client

(A moodboard by ex-client)

So this is where an experience and dedicated venue designer (us) will guide you. As we are also planners (the only one in Singapore that is equally strong in planning and floristry), we also understand about logistic, hence whatever that we will propose need to gel with the food service, the entertainment, etc.

Step 2: Concept exploration

Spellbound does not stop at Step 1! After the collection of images from clients, we study and discuss about the sense of style, décor elements and flowers preferences we can derive from the moodboard. For example, if images of fairy lights repeatedly appear in the moodboard, we can safely deduce that the client has a strong inclination towards lights.

Step 3: Concept development

Next, Spellbound delves into the development of ideas that are deemed suitable and of clients’ taste. This process is often tedious and long, and presented through hand-sketches for better visualization. We will then discuss with our team of electricians, transportation and carpenters. In this process, it is important to be open about our prices and we make sure that this numbers are justified.

Step 4: Finalization

Once our clients are satisfied with the final artwork, we then move on to the constructions of things.

All in all, the whole wedding conceptualization process can take up to months to brew and we never want to rush the process because we never know when a good idea can hit us!


A little on our costing

We always say that we are unable to compete on pricings because Spellbound’s philosophy is that we don’t compete on pricings. Sure others can offer lower, but aesthetically its not what Spellbound would take pride in. And often enough, when one really compares exactly what we give to other vendors’, Spellbound’s costings to date is always the best pricing.

A little about flowers

We take pride in our floristry and will never short change our clients with our floral centerpieces. Faux flowers have a rather different reputation here in Singapore, but in countries like Thailand and Indonesia, most of the floral wedding installations used are faux flowers. It doesn’t mean that the cost is lower, as the faux flowers used are of higher quality and sometimes cost more than actual flowers. And a lot of time, faux flowers cannot be recycled especially after trimming and cutting it. But it does make it easier to install and safer as well as the total weight as compare to fresh flowers are lighter. Fresh flowers need sponges to hold them so that they can last and wet sponges weigh a ton!

A little about our props rental

Sometimes we get request to rent our things, most recently, the installation for the aisle that we did at Capella.

Most of the time, we don’t keep stock or keep our major prop. Also the cost of what we quote is inclusive of set up and dismantling.

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