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Shi Wei & Ming Qiong: A Castle of Love

The Holy matrimony of Shi Wei and Ming Qiong was held at St Andrew's Cathedral, where they prepared a feast of Peranakan dessert booth for their guests. To share Shi Wei's love for Diet coke to the guests, The Spellbound Team prepared a Diet coke station for the guests to indulge in.

A tentage of White drapes and furnitures were prepared for guests to enjoy the buffet after the service. Flowers of Purple, Pink and White hues were prepared to beautify the venue.


The wedding of Shi Wei and Ming Qiong were closely associated to the Happily ever after tales from Disney. The couple likes Mickey and Minnie Mouse and requested for elements of Disney for their wedding. Spellbound brainstormed and presented the most iconic to them- the castle; as it was a representation of everlasting love!

Castle cutouts were used to decorate the perimeters of the stage and the backdrop, all illuminated with lights. A lush backdrop was also brought in to decorate the stage.

To further enhance the ballroom, Shiwei and Ming Qiong got to walk down an aisle of sparkling chandeliers.

Have an enchanted wedding, SW and MQ!


Venue (Church): St Andrew's Cathedral

Venue (Dinner): Grand Hyatt

Photographers: BryanJean (

Concepts, Flowers and decor: Spellbound Group Pte Ltd (

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