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Wei Siang & Shuwei: Of Sunshine and Happiness!

Held in the location which exudes an old world charm, Alkaff Mansion was an ideal spot for Wei Siang and Shuwei’s wedding, as they wanted to colour it with Yellow.

If I were to represent Shuwei’s character with a colour, it would undoubtedly be Yellow, as she is always with a beautiful bright smile and chirpy. I guess this is how Shuwei always is in Wei Siang’s heart.

With the happy color decided, Spellbound decorated The Lawn with Yellow and White lanterns, balloons and paper pomanders on the ROM backdrop, creating a lovely gazebo for Wei Siang and Shuwei to make their promise to one another under. White tiffany chairs with baby cushion complemented the whole set-up well. Instead of pew flowers, we added yellow balloons and tied photographs of the couple to it, turning it into a memory lane for guests to indulge in.

When night fall, Wei Siang and Shuwei celebrated the rest of the day in the restaurant and the lawn. The night ended with Wei Siang serenading a self-composed song to Shuwei, which left her in tears.

Spellbound would like to wish you a marriage full of sunshine, Wei Siang and Shuwei!


Wedding venue: Alkaff mansion

Photographer: Alwin, Lightedpixels

Floral and Decor: Spellbound Group Pte Ltd

Wedding Hand-held fan: Spellbound Group Pte Ltd

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